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A portion of all Travelers sold will go towards the fight against Pancreatic Cancer and to support the Girl Scouts of America.

The only entry level high end turntable that is made in America!! 

Featuring an ultra low friction Sapphire Gimbaled bearing assembly with friction levels almost as low as our unipivot arms. This table was inspired by and in memory of Sheila Weisfeld, co-founder of VPI Industries, and an integral part of the company for 35 years.

The Traveler is the focus of VPI’s new engineering group providing the customer with quality sound and ease of use at an affordable price.     

  10” Gimbaled tonearm

  • Low friction spring loaded sapphire Gimbaled bearings     
  • Aluminum platter damped with stainless steel
  • Aluminum and acrylic chassis
  • Belt drive 600 rpm low noise motor
  • RCA jack connections
  • Tip toe feet
  • Removable arm assemblies for fast cartridge changing



Wow and Flutter --- Less than .02%

Rumble --- Greater than 80db down.

Speed Accuracy --- Within .1%

Total Weight --- 24 pounds.

Platter Run-Out --- Within .003 inch.

19 x 15 inches overall space needed
16 1/2 x 12 foot print


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