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For their 30th Anniversary, VPI had to come up with something really special at just the right price for a world in a recession. The VPI Classic Turntable was the answer and the VPI JMW-Classic tonearm was the logical choice for it. 

Born from the 10.5i, stretched to fit the Classic chassis, simplified to save on cost, boiled down to the important basics that make for good engineering and good sound. 

The VPI JMW-Classic tonearm is so good Hi Fi Plus gave it as part of the Classic Turntable package "Turntable of the Year"! 

The VPI JMW-Classic 3 arm is a full 10.5" long for very low tracking error, solid mount base, Micrometer VTA 'On-The-Fly' Adjustment, Vahalla Wiring, Stainless Steel Armtube, RCA or optional XLR jacks, ultra stable design. 

The VPI JMW-Classic 3 arm is fast, clean, stable, very low in distortion, and dynamic like a master tape. When combined with a cartridge of 7-11 grams and a compliance of 11-16 such as the VPI/Dynavector 20X you will be startled by the dynamic range a low level resolution this arm can reproduce. 

Special Note: The VPI JMW Classic 3 Tonearm with VTA Base also fits the Aries 3 Turnable. 

VPI JMW-Classic 3 Tonearm Features:
• Damped Stainless Steel Tonearm
• Vahalla Wiring
• Micrometer VTA 'On-The-Fly' Adjustment
• Ultra Stable Design

VPI JMW-Classic 3 Tonearm Includes: 
• ArmTube
• Micrometer VTA Base
• Counterweight 
• Anti-Skate Device

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