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“What a great sound, and from such a small cable!” Speaker cables don’t get much more discreet than the new Sarsen from The Chord Company. Sarsen uses a clever mix of materials to produce a high performance speaker cable with a diameter of less than 4 mm.

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Chord Sarsen

Don’t let the diminutive size of Sarsen fool you.  Use the right materials and bass is tight, defined and properly tuneful, giving the music a real sense of drive and rhythm. 

Just like our other high-performance speaker cables, Sarsen uses FEP conductor insulation; the right choice of insulation makes a big difference to performance.  Sarsen will surprise with the extra detail, dynamics and transparency it brings.

Even when used to connect an affordable/budget lifestyle home cinema system, Sarsen will surprise with the extra detail, dynamics and transparency it brings.  

Sarsen is more than just a discreet cable for use with lifestyle home cinema systems.  The Chord Company’s extensive test and development procedures mean that Sarsen has been used with some seriously revealing systems and with some seriously big and transparent speakers. 

So wherever there is a need for a truly discreet cable, there’s Chord Sarsen: speaker cable that’s hard to see but easy to hear. The benefits are obvious even if the cable isn’t.

Listen to Sarsen with: Tony Joe White “Even Trolls Love Rock N Roll” from Live from Austintx

Hear: An incredibly tight three piece band playing a very silly song.

Listen for: the way the drummer uses his high hat cymbals and a guitar solo that uses an octave divider effect pedal.

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