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Chord digital co-axial cable fitted with our gold plated VEE3 plug. Although the Prodac is the start point of our digital cable range, it's performance belies the price. A high quality, single crystal, copper, signal conductor mated with digital cable specific shielding gives you a superb cable.

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Chord Prodac VEE 3 Digital RCA

“What pleases me about the Prodac is just how well it works with the new plugs. That’s a lot of performance for the price”

The Prodac VEE 3 Digital cable is a perfect example of just how much influence a digital cable can have on the sound of a system. The Prodac uses a specially treated conductor and a shielding system designed specifically for digital cables to produce a cable that brings a natural feel to voices and instruments without compromising detail or dynamics.

The signal conductor is produced from very high purity single crystal copper and insulted with foamed polyethylene. The shielding is a combination of different materials that perform really well when used with digital cables.  

The VEE 3 RCA plug is gold-plated and attached to the cables in a way that ensures there are no signal quality affecting changes to the precise 75 Ohm impedance of the cable.  The Prodac VEE 3  is also available fitted with military grade Silver-plated 75Ohm BNC plugs

Listen to the Prodac Digital with: Caitlin Rose “Shanghai Cigarettes” from the album “Own Side Now”.  

Hear: Caitlin’s great voice and a really tight band.

Listen for: The way the guitarist takes a run up to get into his guitar solo.

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