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“That’s got more than a hint of Sarum characteristic to it. It seems to disappear, you can use this with almost any system and it doesn’t get in the way of some serious high end equipment. We’re impressed.” Chord Epic Reference speaker cable develops the shielded conductor design used on Epic by applying a separate high frequency effective shield to each conductor.

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Chord Epic Reference

The 12 AWG silver-plated conductors are insulated with PTFE, before a PVC jacket is applied to correctly space the dual layer foil and braid shield.  

In terms of performance, Epic makes a very good case for the use of shielded speaker cables.  Epic Reference moves the performance (and the design) quite a bit closer to Chord’s original award winning shielded speaker cable, Chord Signature.  

Epic Reference carries dynamic information and detail in a very coherent manner.  This makes for extremely realistic sounding music, acoustic and electric instruments sound really lifelike, and the complexity of tone that makes great instruments such a joy to listen to is easy to hear. More though, is the way that Epic Reference helps a system to sound coherent and musical, and that’s a compelling reason that makes Epic Reference a cable worth listening to in any decent system.

Listen to the Epic with: Neil Young “Driftin’ Back” from the album “Psychedelic Pill”.
Hear: There’s a lot more than just noise here, Crazy Horse can still manage a groove that’s both tight and loose better than most.
Listen for:  About three minutes in there is a guitar solo that shows just how complex and beautiful an overdriven guitar tone can be.  Listen for the subtle and sublime touch of a Bigsby tremolo arm, from one of the greatest "feel" guitar players there is.

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