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Atacama CC01 has a top plate size of 420mm wide, 200mm deep.

There are 5 colours available:- Satin Black and as a cost option Silver Metallic, Cesium, Diamond White and Rosso Red.

This stand has a overall height of 200mm excluding floor spikes and gel pads. CC01 can be tilted back approximately 20 degrees via its adjustable floor spikes should the supported speaker require angling to maximize its sonic performance.

Mini Isolation Gel pads are supplied as standard to avoid speaker slippage and the main vertical columns can be filled with Atabites (optional accessory) to aid stability and reduce ringing if required.

One tub of Atabites SMD-Z7.5HD shared between the four vertical tubes would be sufficient for this model.

The Atabite Mass Loading plate pack can be fitted if required.

  • CC1-600
  • CC1-600