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Mang thiết kế đứng thẳng, thùng loa của S-SUB được gia công CNC từ một ống nhôm định hình (theo phương pháp đùn) với thành dày 12mm. S-SUB sử dụng cặp woofer 12 inch của Magico. Chúng được gắn ở mặt trước theo chiều thẳng đứng để tạo ra một trường âm thanh rộng.

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Following the success of the Q-Sub 15 /18 the new S-SUB expands the sound dimension capabilities of any Magico S-Series loudspeaker with thundering low bass frequency reinforcement.

Standing vertically, the acoustic suspension enclosure of the S-SUB features curved aluminum side panels that are machined in-house from half-inch thick aluminum extrusions which are sixteen-inches in diameter. Internal bracing is carefully positioned throughout the enclosure to minimize resonances and eliminate any chance of enclosure warping from the enormous sound pressure build up.

Dual 12-inch Magico bass drivers are mounted to the front baffle in a vertical array and provide front firing momentum. Each driver has an extremely powerful magnet assembly and ultra-stiff aluminum cones that are capable of producing deep powerful bass frequencies with speed and accuracy. The excursion rate of the voice coil is measured at 15-mm linear movement and produces clean and undistorted sound pressure levels up to 120dB with less than 1% total harmonic distortion at 20Hz.

Magico S-Sub

The S-SUB is powered internally by a revolutionary digital amplifier that has a 3,000VA power supply (240V), fully regulated output stage and delivers 2,500 Watts of purpose built power. Seamless integration with the main loudspeakers in a stereo or, home theater system is easily accomplished with the onboard digitally-controlled active crossover.

The S-SUB is capable of immense air pressure change in a small or large room and provides herculean bass energy that keeps pace with the speed and integrity of the main loudspeakers. The small footprint and front firing design of the S-SUB makes placement easy along the main wall of the listening room and a welcome addition to any system.

Magico S-Sub

The S-SUB’s compact footprint makes siting along the wall a breeze – each cabinet measures 812.8 x 381 x 487.7mm (h/d/w), although the 113kg weight will require some muscle.

Watts: 2 x 30 cm bass with aluminum cone

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Impedance: 4 Ohm

Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 150 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 81.3 x 48.8 x 38.1 cm

Weight: 113 kg

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