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The JMW-9 is the best sounding tonearm under $1400.00 and very close to being one of the best arms you can buy, period. When mated with a cartridge

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The JMW-9 Signature tonearm builds on all the advantages of standard JMW-9 unipivot tonearm.  The JMW-9 Signature tonearm is completely wired with Nordost Valhalla internal wiring! It also uses an improved bearing assembly with viscous damping, has added mass for better resonance control, and adds fine adjustment of tracking force on the rear stem of the arm. It even has VPI's newest addition: mechanical anti-skate control!

The arm has an ultra low friction bearing mounted on a solid stainless steel rod with tungsten carbide tip, user adjustable VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle). As with the more expensive JMW-10.5i and JMW-12.7 arms, the tonearm wand of the JMW-9 Signature can be removed and replaced in seconds, allowing instant cartridge changes with multiple arm wands. The standard RCA junction box allows any RCA-terminated interconnects to be used while XLR termination is also available for balanced setups.

“Like other VPI unipivot arms, the JMW has a quick-connect plug in its signal line for easy removal and thus easy cartridge swapping—although I know of no one else using either so fine a plug and socket (Swiss-made Lemos) or so handy and straightforward an output-jack box, the latter mounted close to the arm mount on the Scout's back edge.”

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