Mã hàng:  LYRA
Three years of development, 30 years in the making The culmination of three decades of loudspeaker design and manufacture, the new Lyra is the quintessential expression of Rockport Technologies craftsmanship. The Lyra embodies an unsurpassed combination of refinement and authority, housed in the most technically advanced loudspeaker enclosure ever produced.
Mã hàng:  Cygnus
Maintaining the iconic Rockport form, the Cygnus embodies all of the attributes that the Avior II and Atria II are known for, yet brings each of these elements to an even higher performance level. The result is a loudspeaker which, like its siblings, transcends the boundaries of technical excellence and enters the realm of actually making music.
Avior II (Avior MK2)
Mã hàng:  Avior II
While carefully preserving the original Avior’s distinctive form, the new Avior II is the epitome of high performance and visual elegance in a loudspeaker which although modest in size, delivers authentic, full range sound.
Atria II
Mã hàng:  Atria II
Rockport Technologies is proud to announce the Atria II as the successor to our acclaimed Atria. While maintaining the elegant form of its predecessor, the Atria II establishes an entirely new level of musical realism.