Carbon Pro 8
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Các-bon là dòng loa mới nhất của ProAc với hai model được giới thiệu gần đây là Carbon Pro 8 và Carbon Pro 6.
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Carbon Pro 6
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Các-bon là dòng loa mới nhất của ProAc với hai model được giới thiệu gần đây là Carbon Pro 8 và Carbon Pro 6.
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he unique K10 cabinet design has been developed to incorporate not one, but two of our proven Kevlar coned bass drivers giving a wonderfully extended and natural bass response. The K10 features two new ProAc midrange units with an ultra-light midrange diaphragm and a felt open back to stop colouration. These new units give an exceptionally detailed midrange, achieved by the new light diaphragm loaded by a new wave guide. The result is outstanding with an almost electrostatic open midrange.đ
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The K8 uses a larger 8 inch bass driver than the K6, the cone is made from Kevlar weave material, then polished and concentrically weighted.
K6 Signature
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The K6 Signature uses a similar cabinet to the K6 being an excellent size with its tall slim design. The K6 Signature compared to the K6 is different in many ways, firstly the drive unit layout has been designed to put the ribbon tweeter at ear level when in the seated position. It also has a new ProAc three inch midrange as opposed to the two inch one used in the K6.
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ProAc is proud to announce the launch of the K6 loudspeaker. Following the successful incorporation of carbon fibre cone technology in the Carbon Pro Series, ProAc have been researching other materials for possible inclusion in their high end loudspeakers. The results of this research have come to fruition in the shape of the new K series which utilises cones manufactured from the material, Kevlar.
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We are sure the K3 will give customers who desire music from full orchestral to loud rock the desired results with ease.
K1 (Ebony / Rosewood)
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The K1 is a special stand mounted version using the Kevlar cone as in the K range and the tweeter is also our proven ribbon unit. Certain modifications have been made to the cabinet, bass driver and tweeter to allow us to adapt and develop it until it was suitable for a stand mounted loudspeaker.
Response D48
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The All new Response D48/D48R (Dome or Ribbon Tweeter). After a year in research and development the D48 is now ready for production.
Response D30S
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The New Response D30 RS/DS (Dome or Ribbon Tweeter). ProAc have updated the D30 to a D30S. Still available in a dome or ribbon tweeter - Response D30DS and D30RS respectively
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RESPONSE D20/R/D (Dome or Ribbon Tweeter) This new exciting model is called the D20R and with the upgrades the sound quality has improved in all areas. Improvements comprise of a new cabinet with bass loading used in D30 and D40 models.
Response  DT8
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ProAc invests a great deal of time researching the choice of diaphragm material for their drive units because this is the most important component, transferring cone movement into sound.
Response D2
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Loa ProAc có một âm thanh đặc biệt và chất lượng. Thùng loa nhìn thông thường nhưng ẩn sau là công nghệ tiên tiến cần thiết để xây dựng một nội các và kỹ thuật tốt. Loa phóng thanh của ProAC được sản xuất tại nhà máy của họ ở Brackley, Anh quốc.
Khuyến mại: Made in England
Response DB3
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A new high end stand mounting loudspeaker at an affordable price. Better efficiency and a rich sound belies their size.
Response DB1
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Small appearance with large stage presence. Meet the New Response DB1.
Studio SM100
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The ProAc studio 100 was produced for over 20 years until 2013. They were made for both domestic and studio use. The studio 100 quickly became a favourite in the studios used as a near field monitor. The SM100 also features a new crossover, the overall sound quality is similar to the studio 100 but slightly smoother sound makes it ideal for long listening sessions.
Tablette 10 Signature
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Meet the new exciting Tablette 10 Signature
Tablette 10
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Meet the new exciting Tablette 10. The new Tablette 10 has cutting edge new drive units, the bass driver has a Paginna Mika cone which is reed leaves mixed with Mika and coated with an acoustic dope.
Response D Monitor
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Following the successful release of the ProAc Response D range we have designed and built a new high end studio monitor The new Response D Monitor is a radical new design delivering greater bandwidth, higher sensitivity with dynamic, yet smooth and open performance, and are available with dome or ribbon tweeters.
Centre Voice
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The brand new Centre Voice. The Centre Voice uses 2 brand new bass driver similar to those used in the Tablette 10. The Centre Voice also has a wide bandwidth and good power handling for home cinema use and matches other ProAc speakers used in our home cinema system.
Studio Center
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For over a decade, the ProAc Response CC1 has been a firm favourite for use in all makes of home cinema systems.
Khuyến mại: Made in England
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- Hãng sản xuất: ProAC - Loại: • Subwoofer - Công suất âm thanh (W): 150 - Tần số thu sóng tối thiểu (Hz): 18Hz - Tần số thu sóng tối đa (kHz): 120kHz - Trở kháng (Ω): 4Ω - Mức độ âm thanh (db): 90dB - Kích thước (mm): 380 x 431 - Trọng lượng (kg): 20
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The small sub-woofer is immensely powerful for its size. It houses a heavy duty 8\" long throw bass unit with fourlayer voice coil and titanium former for high power handling and efficient thermal dissipation. Fully active with a built-in amplifier and crossover network, it can be used for either 5.1 applications or two-channel audio.