Acustica Applicata

Mã hàng:  Polifemo
Polifemo and Phemo can be used with other acoustic treatment systems such DAAD or Eco DAAD
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Mã hàng:  Phemo
When the system is properly tuned, Polifemo and Phemo give the best possible performances about dynamic, which increases of realism, gaining in terms of micro-information.
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DaaD 4
Mã hàng:  DaaD 4
Max diameter 39 cm H . 110 cm For resonances over 50 Hz for early front reflections
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DaaD 3
Mã hàng:  DaaD 3
Max diameter 28 cm H. 110 cm For resonances over 70 Hz for all kinds of early reflections
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DaaD 2
Mã hàng:  DaaD 2
Max diameter 22 cm H. 110 cm For resonances over 120 Hz for early lateral and back reflections
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Ecco DaaD
Mã hàng:  Ecco DaaD
EcoDAAD is a new and effective device useful for the acoustic treatment of auditoriums, concert halls, cinemas, meeting rooms and home environments dedicated to Home Cinema or high-fidelity listening.
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Mã hàng:  StudioDaaD
Studio DaaD is a DaaD 2 equipped with a telescopic slide bar screwed on a strong tripod.
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