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Ovator S-400
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With twin 165mm bass drivers and a 46mm BMR in a 40 Litre enclosure, the S-400 is designed for more modest listening rooms and can be used with less ambitious Naim amplification. Low frequency response still reaches down to 36Hz however and the S-400 gives only very little away to the S-600 in terms of dynamics and maximum level. The S-400 gives nothing away in music making however. For more technical detail please read the white papers available for the Ovator S-400. Ovator S-400: Design, engineering and technology
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Mã hàng:  HDX-SSD
The HDX-SSD is a variant of the world"s first, performance-upgradeable, audiophile hard disk player: the HDX. HDX-SSD contains a Solid State Drive (SSD), while the standard HDX has an internal hard disk storage drive. HDX-SSD caters for the music lover with an extensive collection and is designed to save all ripped music to Network Attached Storage (NAS) enabling almost infinite storage capability. Like HDX, HDX-SSD is first and foremost a music player. HDX-SSD reads audio data from a CD, copying and storing it to NAS.
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Mã hàng:  UnitiServe-SSD
Where do you store your CD collection? On shelves? In a cupboard? Sometimes scattered, on the floor? With UnitiServe-SSD, every CD you own can be stored, catalogued and ready to play at the press of a key, the click of a mouse or the touch of an iPhone. UnitiServe-SSD is a compact, slot-loading, CD ripping, hard disk music player and server based on the technology of the multi-award-winning Naim HDX. It takes the fundamentals of the HDX; a solid state drive, Naim bit-perfect ripping, Ethernet connection, UPnPTM server, StreamNet technology and local digital outputs, and combines them with a set of features perfectly suited to music in the home of today, and tomorrow.
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Mã hàng:  NDS
The Ultimate Reference Audiophile Network Player The NDS is a network music player without equal. Inspired by the audio engineering and performance of world beating Naim CD players, and using the latest in high resolution network audio technology, the NDS lifts network streaming and digital audio sources unquestionably into the high-end. From internet radio to 32bit/192kHz audio, the NDS displays all the musical quality of the finest high-end components. The NDS takes its place above the award winning ND5 XS and NDX as the reference Naim network player. It is a revolutionary step forward for high-end audio.
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Mã hàng:  NDX
The Audiophile Network Player The NDX is a network audio player with the potential to transform music in the home. It can play UPnP audio streams, internet radio, iPod or iPhone audio, and files stored on USB memory hardware. Three high resolution S/PDIF digital inputs complete its versatility. NDX is however more than just a versatile network audio player. It embodies Naim's unrivalled digital audio experience and knowhow to provide music reproduction quality equivalent to the best-in-class CDX2 CD player and HDX hard disk player. It makes music with vitality and clarity, rhythm and warmth. NDX defines a new class of high-end audio source equipment and brings to it genuine audiophile performance.
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Mã hàng:  ND5 XS
Slimline streaming Naim has always been associated with firsts. The first high-end CD player- the CDS. The first high-end hard disk music player - the HDX. The first high-end BMR speaker - the Ovator. The first performance-upgradable high-end audio streamer - the NDX. And now the NDX has its first offspring - the ND5 XS. The ND5 XS takes the DNA of the NDX and concentrates it in the slimline XS style package. With an ND5 XS you can stream audio from a UPnP™ server, discover internet radio, connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad or USB storage, and even listen to conventional digital audio sources. Simply connect the ND5 XS to your home network, plug it in to a spare amplifier input, and the new world of streamed audio is yours.
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Mã hàng:  DAC-V1
The DAC-V1 is an asynchronous USB digital to analogue converter with multiple digital S/PDIF inputs, precision volume control and a high-quality headphone amplifier. It will produce stunning sound quality from your computer and transform it into a high-quality, high-resolution music hub.
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NaimUniti 2
Mã hàng:  NaimUniti 2
Thị trường âm nhạc đã có nhiều thay đổi đáng kể trong những năm gần đây. Không chỉ có CD và radio, giờ bạn có thể thưởng thức nhạc bằng cách download trên mạng, nghe trực tuyến, truyền nhạc qua Wi-Fi, lưu trữ nhạc vào thẻ nhớ, và, với những máy MP3 như iPod, đưa nhạc vào trong túi áo bạn. Chưa kể sự hồi sinh của đĩa than, đem lại muôn vàn sự lựa chọn khác nhau cho bạn.
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NAP 100
Mã hàng:  NAP 100
The NAP 100 is a classic expression of traditional Naim power amplifier engineering. Offering 50 watts per channel at 8 Ohms, and 75 watts at 4 Ohms, the NAP 100 is a dual mono design based on the circuit topology found in our SuperUniti reference all-in-one player. While its dimensions are conveniently compact – just 20cm wide – its performance is seriously dynamic and expansive. Combine the NAP 100 with its partner the DAC-V1, and either a computer or UnitiServe for example, to create a thoroughly modern system, bursting with Naim rhythm and clarity.
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Mã hàng:  555PS
The ultra-low noise 555 PS was originally designed to power the CD555 CD player but is also backwards- compatible with the CDS3 and CDX2 players. It can further be used to enhance the performance of the Naim HDX hard disc player and Naim DAC.
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Mã hàng:  552PS
The 552 PS is the dedicated external power supply for the NAC 552 preamplifier. Power supply design has always been at the heart of Naim research and this project was no exception.
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Mã hàng:  500PS
The 500 PS is NAP500 dedicated external power supply.
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Mã hàng:  300PS
The 300 PS is the external power supply that feeds the regulator stages in the NAP 300.
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Mã hàng:  SuperCap
The Naim SuperCap sets free the musicality and dynamic range of a hi-fi system, making it an incredibly effective upgrade to a preamplifier/power amplifier combination.
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Mã hàng:  XPS
The XPS sets the music free, making it an incredibly effective upgrade to the Naim HDX, CDX2, and a critical component of the Naim CDS3.
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Mã hàng:  XP5XS
The XP5 XS features the "slimline" XS style enclosure constructed from aluminium extrusions and high pressure die-castings with a fine brushed anodised front panel finish. Internally the XP5 XS incorporates a massive 400VA transformer, tantalum output capacitors, low capacitance ceramic heat sinks and large smoothing capacitors. As with all Naim external power supplies, component and PCB layout is configured specifically to maximise supply stability and absolutely minimise electronic noise. The XP5 XS is hand wired and fitted with sockets selected and engineered to help minimise microphony. .
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Mã hàng:  HicapDR
Each of the multiple power outputs on the SuperCap uses Naim's specially designed discrete regulators for optimum performance. The SuperCap can be used to power all of the Naim preamplifiers (except the NAC 552), Superline phono stage and active crossovers, and is the only choice for supplying power to the NAC 252 preamplifier.
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Mã hàng:  Armageddon
The Armageddon is a turntable power supply for the Linn Sondek LP12. It is built around a large 430VA toroidal transformer. Simplicity is the key to its uniquely musical sound.
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Mã hàng:  NAPSC
The NAPSC comes as standard with the NAC 282 preamplifier and can be bought as an upgrade for the NAC 202, with which it then supplies all the digital circuitry used for the preamplifier switching. The NAPSC can also be used to power the HeadLine headphone amplifier.
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Mã hàng:  NAIT XS 3
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Mã hàng:  SUPERNAIT 3
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 SNAXO 242
Mã hàng:  SNAXO 242
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 SNAXO 362
Mã hàng:  SNAXO 362
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