Eidolon Vision

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The Eidolon Vision combines the musicality that is Avalon's hallmark with the precision and dynamic contrast that are so essential to realistically recreating the original performance. The Vison possesses uncommon transient speed and resolution.  Meticulously engineered with proprietary measurements and extensive use of CAD modeling yields a wide bandwidth design with the fastest settling times in a dynamic transducer.  

Avalon Eidolon Vision nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Equally important are the achievement of low noise floor ambiance retrieval, image and soundstage focus to reproduce the artists performance as well as the subtle details of the recording venue. Finally, nothing is more important than dynamics and here the Vision excels with octave-to-octave energy balance without compression even under the most demanding program conditions.

 Avalon Eidolon Vision nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Built entirely by hand, with modern materials and stunning wood veneers, these speaker compliment both contemporary and traditional decor.