Chord Chorus Reference stereo XLR

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“The new Chorus Reference sounds so much more detailed and coherent.”

The Chorus Reference’s use of ARAY style tri-conductors gave us the chance to experiment with conductor configurations and the result is a remarkably coherent and involving sound that brings a fresh sense of realism and a closer connection to every piece of music.  

Silver-plated conductors arranged in a tri-conductor configuration produce a cable capable of carrying dynamic information and detail to outstanding levels and producing an entirely believable musical coherence across a wide audio frequency.  Its performance across high frequencies is particularly special, with cymbals sounding believable in a way that most other cables can’t come near to.

Like other Chord XLR cables the Chorus Reference XLR is fitted with high quality Neutrik XLRs, and the three conductor connection is made using our special silver solder.

The Chorus Reference brings a new sense of realism to every piece of music however simple or complex.  It’s a cliché, but re-investigate albums you haven’t played for a while - the extra detail and insight the Chorus Reference brings makes this a pleasurable and enlightening pastime. 

Listen to the Chorus Reference with:  Chris Isaak “Live it up” from the album “Beyond the Sun”.

Hear:  That irresistible rock’n’roll rhythm because “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”. 

Listen for:  The delicious flourishes of tremolo arm in the guitar playing.