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The Chorus Reference’s use of Aray technology produces a cable that will bring a fresh sense of realism and a closer connection to every piece of music.  

Silver-plated conductors arranged in a tri-conductor configuration produce a cable capable of carrying dynamic information and detail to outstanding levels, and producing an entirely believable musical coherence across a wide audio frequency.  Its performance across high frequencies is particularly special, with cymbals sounding believable in a way that most other cables can’t come near to.

Like every other Chord interconnect cable, a great deal of attention has been paid to ensuring that the shield is effective to high frequencies and the Chorus Reference is fitted with direct silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs. 

The Chorus Reference brings a new sense of realism to every piece of music, however simple or complex. There’s something new to discover in every piece of music you play.

Listen to the Chorus Reference with: Richmond Fontaine “Post to Wire” from the album “Post To Wire”.

Hear: A perfect love song that’s just 2 minutes and seven seconds long.

Listen for: The tone of the pedal steel guitar break in the middle of the song, beautiful enough to make grown men cry.