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VPI - The Typhoon (HW 27) Cleaning Machine

The New HW-27 Typhoon Record Cleaning Machine from VPI is quiet, simple, ultra heavy duty for the True Record Collector!

HW 27 Manual

Everything VPI has learned in 27 years of manufacturing the world's best (and most copied) record cleaning machines is incorporated into this new design. The HW-27 Typhoon Record Cleaner features twice the suction power of the HW-17, making the Typhoon the most powerful Record Cleaning Machine on the market.

The Typhoon comes with a dust cover, it has an automatic fluid-application, and scrubs bi-directionally with the most powerful built in vacuum. 

This machine is so powerful you will hear things from your records that were never revealed by other cleaning machines.

• Twice the suction power of the HW-17 which means the Typhoon is the most powerful machine on the market.
• Lower noise than the HW17 by roughly 6 db.
• Precision sheet metal chassis with all parts to +/- .004 inch.
• Platter made from solid acrylic sitting on a bearing assembly similar to a turntable. 

Vacuum Motor: Maximum amps 7.9 (120 volt unit)
Vacuum Motor: CMF 97.0 (120 volt unit)
Turntable Motor: RPM 18 (120 volt unit)

20 1/2" Wide x 15" Deep x 9 3/4" tall (with dustcover)
 2 year manufacturer warranty on machine.

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