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isotek sigmas

The Sigmas takes many of the technological breakthroughs resulting from the Titan/Nova development projects and places them in a more affordable, yet still highly effective package. It bridges the gap between the new Aquarius and the Nova, incorporating many of the desirable aspects of the high-end Nova and Titan designs into a single chassis.

isotek sigmas nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Through extensive design and an inspired balance of internal components, Sigmas endeavours to challenge the astonishing performance levels of the Titan and Nova. Like the Aquarius, Sigmas offers two high-current outlets and a further four medium-current connections for source components. However, Sigmas delivers an amalgam of top-end IsoTek® technologies, borrowing the Direct Coupled Design© and high-current aspects of the Titan, as well as Adaptive Gating© from the Nova.
For the aspiring high-end audiophile, Sigmas is a perfect solution delivering performance and versatility that’s unrivalled at the price. However, for those who crave the ultimate performance, the Nova and Titan combination still reigns supreme.

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