Prism 100d RCA 4.0

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Tara Labs is the leader in cable technology. They have developed the best in digital video to give you true high definition. Tara Labs produces their cables so you can see your digital video without any loss in picture or quality.

Pressure Stranding

The 100d line of RCA cables have many benefits over typical RCA cables. Tara Labs incorporates "pressure stranded" technology. This is a special process that strands the copper cable. Cables are usually made by stranding smaller cables together to make one. Usually, the cable leaves air pockets in the cable that lead to premature oxidation. Tara Labs pressurizes their cables to remove all the air pockets and to allow the cables to have the best contact from end to end.


SVPE stands for Stable Valence Polyethylene. SVPE uses special polymers that ensure low dielectric loss. Dielectric is another name for insulator. Dielectrics allow electricity to pass by it without absorption. Although typical cables are well insulated, the insulation can still take away from the signal. SVPE is specially produced to insulate without absorbing the signal and making the cable stronger. This ensures that your digital signals are as clean as possible.

These Digital RCA cables are shielded to protect from RFI and EMI that can add distortion and corrupt signals along transmission. They also have Mylar (Teflon) backed foil and coated copper braided shields to further protect your cables.

When it comes to digital video, Tara Labs has the best cables on the market. Every inch of cable is manufactured to bring out the best of your digital components.
Prism 100d RCA 4.0