Powermaster No.1

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Power cable Powermaster No.1

Powermaster No. 1 is fully capable of showing how the power cable can affect a system's sound properties and musicality. With the Powermaster No. 1 we offer high-end enthusiasts the optimal power connection for all digital and analog high-end components.

Power cable Powermaster No.1 nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

The selection of the jacket, plug and conductor material used in both cables was based on the highest quality standards in accordance with the results of infinite listening sessions. The material was then specially processed and adapted to the conductor's extreme useable effective diameter of 13 qmm.

The Powermaster No. 1 is double shielded to deliver a distortion-free flow of current with minimum loss. The result is a phenomenally clean and balanced tonal response.

Powermaster No.1