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The OMEGA Series of speaker cables represent the absolute state-of-the-art in loudspeaker cable design. No other speaker cable design can approach the performance standard of the OMEGA Series of speaker cables. The design starts with Rectangular Solid Core® conductors. The RSC® conductors are specially shaped and frequency tuned to reveal more of the harmonic structure of the music than any other audio conductor.

These conductors are helixed around unique PTFE (Teflon®) tubes. The tubes within the OMEGA speaker cable vary in size and total conductor count. The conductors are positioned around the wall of the air-tube without the need for extra dielectric/plastic materials that would affect the sound. The OMEGA Series of speaker cables are truly extreme cable designs. The signal carrying conductors within the cable have such high resolution that all of the other parts and materials of the cable become the audible differences. If the materials or parts can possible influence and change the sound, then we work to isolate the sonic signature of the materials and parts. It is therefore extremely important that all of the materials used in the OMEGA Series have no ‘sonic signature’, meaning that the cables transfer the musical signal with the most clarity, neutrality and transparency possible.

There are 3 levels of performance in the OMEGA Series of speaker cables. From the top, we start with the legendary OMEGA Gold as the absolute state-of-the-art speaker cable. The next OMEGA speaker cable is the highly acclaimed and most reviewed OMEGA speaker cable known as the OMEGA Onyx. Below the Onyx is the high-performance OMEGA Edge.