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Cables are an often overlooked component of an audio system. Yet, it is the cable that is responsible for transmitting EVERY signal throughout your system. Settling for a lesser cable is like installing a cheap four cylinder engine in a Mercedes. Looks good on the outside, but no guts on the inside. NBS cables deliver up to 98% of your components' capabilities. In most cases, that's a dramatic increase in performance.

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Omega Extreme RCA/XLR

NBS Audio Cables was founded on the simple philosophy that cables should deliver the full resolution of a system.

Noise, in a cable, can and will affect the audio frequency range and interfere with an audio signal. The most common noise, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), affects a cable directly in the audio range. RFI presents itself as hiss, commercial radio broadcasts, intercom broadcasts, or any other radio signal broadcast in the audible range.

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