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Cables are an often overlooked component of an audio system. Yet, it is the cable that is responsible for transmitting EVERY signal throughout your system. Settling for a lesser cable is like installing a cheap four cylinder engine in a Mercedes. Looks good on the outside, but no guts on the inside. NBS cables deliver up to 98% of your components' capabilities. In most cases, that's a dramatic increase in performance.

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Omega Extreme RCA/XLR

NBS Audio Cables was founded on the simple philosophy that cables should deliver the full resolution of a system.

Noise, in a cable, can and will affect the audio frequency range and interfere with an audio signal. The most common noise, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), affects a cable directly in the audio range. RFI presents itself as hiss, commercial radio broadcasts, intercom broadcasts, or any other radio signal broadcast in the audible range.

The RCA connectors employed on our higher lines are the exclusive design of Walter Fields. These connectors are manufactured of gold-plated beryllium copper for greater conductance and a specially plated chromium barrel to reject RFI and EMI. The combined result puts the NBS philosophy into practice by achieving a dramatically lowered noise floor, maximal dynamic range, and the ultimate in information retrieval. The quality craftsmanship of NBS cables allows us to extend a life-time warranty to the original owner.

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