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The Lexicon® SL-1 featuring SoundSteer technology represents a breakthrough in audio innovation as a fully active, wireless, high-resolution loudspeaker solution.

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Overcome limitations of room positioning Until now, high-end stereo speakers needed to be positioned in a listening “sweet spot” for optimal stereo imaging and spatial realism, leaving the music listening experience compromised when you move around the room. The Lexicon SL-1 steerable wireless loudspeaker system represents a breakthrough in audio innovation. No longer are you confirmed to one location when listening to music. Using beamsteering technology, the Lexicon SL-1 System brings the audio sweet spot to you. The Lexicon SL-1 steerable wireless loudspeaker system is a fully active, wireless, high-resolution, loudspeaker solution with the unique ability to beamsteer to your listening position. Lexicon SL-1 steerable wireless loudspeaker system The Lexicon SL-1 system includes two floorstanding loudspeakers with 66 total speaker drivers utilized in 360-degree configurations, powered by 46 discrete amplifiers outputting 1300W RMS of power per system. The SCL-1 Wireless Controller transmits pristine, 24-bit high-resolution audio from various media sources via analog and digital audio inputs. Use the downloadable SoundSteer mobile device app to “steer” the audio anywhere you want it. We call this SoundSteer technology, and it’s where the magic happens. SoundSteer Technology SoundSteer Technology utilizes DSP array processing to control the directivity via beamforming. The advanced algorithm adjusts the location and size of the listening “sweet spot” in real time so the user can optimize the listening experience to suit their individual needs.

Lexicon SL-1


  • Fully active loudspeaker system that utilizes beamsteering to achieve optimal sound distribution in any room environment
  • An unprecedented, flexible, user-controllable hi-fidelity listening experience with built-in LED ring that indicates beam status
  • All-in-one loudspeaker system easily controlled via mobile app SIMPLE ELEGANCE
  • Replace your pre-amp, amplifier, rack, cables, and passive loudspeakers
  • Elegant hourglass design with sleek profile and optimized loudspeaker array designed to maximize the SoundSteer beamforming experience
  • State-of-the-art DSP, loudspeaker design, and sonic performance

Lexicon SL-1


Each Lexicon SL-1 loudspeaker delivers high-resolution audio through 33 speaker drivers (12 tweeters, 16 mid- range, 4 woofers and a subwoofer) with 23 channels of amplification, delivering 650W RMS of power. Dual LED Rings indicate the beam width & direction. A removable 4-panel cloth grille exposes the loudspeaker’s elegant hourglass design. Lexicon SLC-1 wireless controller hub The Lexicon SLC-1 controller is a wireless audio/video playback interface allowing compatibility from various A/V media sources to the SL-1 loudspeakers. It includes HDMI switching, support for 4K UHD video signals, 3.5mm Analog, Optical S/PDIF, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and is supplied with a remote control. SoundSteer Mobile App The companion SoundSteer mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices allows you to control the size and position of the listening sweet spot in real time to overcome the limitations of room positioning and placement. User-defined presets allow you to save your configurations.

Lexicon SL-1 sang trọng

  • 33 speakers drivers
  • 23 channels of amplification
  • 650 Watts RMS
  • 24-bit Audio Connectivity
  • Two LED Rings to indicate beam width and direction
  • Grille on/off auto-EQ optimization settings
  • Soundsteer control
  • Support for iOS and Android devices
  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS Digital Surround


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