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Many audio companies are introducing 12” tonearms. They are 14 years too late!  VPI has over a decade of experience designing and building 12” arms and knows what makes them work and what doesn’t. The time has come for VPI to incorporate all its knowledge of tonearm construction and produce a state of the art design.  The 12.7 is the end result of a search for a tonearm that meets the following criteria:
A machined tapered arm tube for minimum standing waves in the arm wand and maximum rigidity with low mass.
Fully adjustable in all parameters to optimize results from any cartridge.
Totally rigid mounting system that literally becomes part of the turntable chassis.
Universal cartridge compatibility with stylus resonances in the 9 to 11 HZ range.
The choice of either XLR or RCA outputs.
Adjustable fluid damping for optimal cartridge compatibility.
Once these criteria were met, VPI Industries voiced the arm to be as neutral as possible with vanishingly low tracking distortion and the speed and agility expected in a tonearm of this caliber.  Made from the finest materials, finished in a beautiful satin aluminum finish, and hand built for quality and consistency, the JMW-12.7 will be your last tonearm.  As all VPI product, the JMW-12.7 is made in the USA.

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