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HW-17 Cleaning Machine



HW 17 Manual

Michael Fremer, writing in Stereophile, uses the HW-17 and called it the most copied cleaning machine in the world. The HW-17 is VPI's automatic, affordable, “state of the art” vacuum cleaning solution. Many music lovers and record collectors have collections running into thousands of titles. With a collection of this size it is useful to have a faster machine.

The principle of a vacuum machine is simple. The record is placed on the platter and the cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the record with a pump which is then worked into the grooves.  This solution is crucial as it is an effective degreasing agent removing grease which binds detritus to the surface of the vinyl. 

This machine is fan cooled and made of Marine Grade Plywood so it is virtually indestrucable. It was designed to be used in hour after hour cleaning large batches of vinyl without a break.  In addition, the motors are the highest quality with integral fan cooling ensuring a long working life. The platter drive motor rotates at 18 RPM and is bi-directional. The bi-directional function was installed in this machine to ensure that dirt which is in the bottom of the groove in one direction could be loosened by cleaning in the opposite direction. 

The fluid is applied to the vinyl via a pumped cleaning fluid reservoir built into the machine. This fluid applicator has been designed to apply a very even layer of fluid across the record without risking contamination of the label. The twin arms on top of the machine contain a vacuum slot and a cleaning brush.  Both of these arms are self adjusting allowing optimal operation on a variety of vinyl thicknesses without user intervention.

This critically acclaimed machine is standard equipment in record libraries such as the US Library of Congress and numerous radio stations.  This is one of the finest record cleaning machines in the World.

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