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LEARANCE OFFER! LIMITED AVAILABILITY!-The HMS 1 (High Mass Stand 1) was developed in conjunction with Proac, Britain’s premier speaker manufacturer. They are designed for when a reference quality monitor style speaker stand is required. Each stand can be filled with 18kgs of Atabites, which increases its unfilled weight from 7kgs to 25kgs, creating the perfect platform to optimize your loudspeakers performance. Available in Satin Black or Diamond White (cost option).

"Tests proved that the stereo image improved still further and that the base was both tighter and subtly extended. The result is truly excellent and affordable audiophile loudspeaker stands..” HI-FI WORLD December 2008 Atacama HMS 1…..truly excellent and affordable audiophile loudspeaker stands…” HI-FI WORLD magazine December 2008Height 507mm, (excluding floor spikes) Width 250mm Depth 300mm Top plate: width 145mm, depth 210mm. Atacama recommend Atabite inert filler to achieve maximum sonic performance. Up to 33KG can be used per pair.


  • HMS1-500mm