Everest DD65000

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Building off the much-lauded JBL® Project Everest DD66000, the DD65000 three-way loudspeaker system features dual 15-inch (380-millimeter) layered paper-pulp matrix cone woofers, which deliver controlled, articulate and authoritative bass response without compromising sonic neutrality. High and midrange frequencies cleanly come through its 4-inch (100-millimeter) magnesium-alloy compression driver. And its 1-inch (25-millimeter) ultrahigh frequency driver delivers frequencies up to 50kHz – far above the range of human hearing.

Finished in luxurious zebra-wood, the Everest DD65000 stays true to our rich heritage in designing the world’s best home theater equipment. In short, this is one of the finest home theater systems we’ve ever produced.


• Dual 15" (380mm), layered-paper, pulp-cone woofers for authoritative bass response

• 4" (100mm), magnesium-alloy diaphragm for crystal-clear highs

• 1" (25mm) high-purity, magnesium-alloy diaphragm for extreme highs

• Extremely smooth and wide frequency response

• Proprietary Bi-Radial® horns

• 100 – 500 watts suggested amplifier power range

• Excellent terminals and system controls

• Bi-wiring capabilities

• Flawless enclosure construction

Everest DD65000
  • Everest DD65000
  • Everest DD65000
  • Everest DD65000