Delight Interconnect

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Delight Interconnect (RCA und XLR) 

With the LF cables we offer dedicated hi-fi enthusiasts interconnects which enable them to enjoy the emotional experience of musical reproduction. 

The latest version of the Delight Interconnect was released in November 2011 after its construction was perfected using the most modern high-performance materials available. The foremost properties of this cable are an exceptionally vibrant flow of music, perfect surround resolution, and full spatial representation of the sound properties. 

Delight Interconnect nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Like all the products in our collection the Delight is meticulously hand-crafted. For the RCA version we optimized a commercial cinch plug in accordance with our specifications and have now added further enhancements for the new version. 

In both the RCA and XLR versions the modified, specially mounted plugs develop their full potential in combination with the integrated conductor materials. 

The Delight is primarily characterized by sound reproduction which is passionate, i.e. it can be experienced emotionally. It is impossible to describe the "faithfulness" of this cable - a quality that can only be experienced through listening.


Delight Interconnect