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The most interesting acoustic action of DAADs is the way they "stir" energy: a sound wave hitting a DAAD is dealt with so that not only does it get out delayed and balanced, but even homogeneously diffused all around.

With DAADs, every sound parameter gets better: the reproduction of the voice, which is open, sharp and clear; the sense of “airiness”, freedom, opening of sound-stage; the degree of cleaning of the acoustic slime at low frequencies and in the warmth region (100-300 Hz); dynamics.

It’s the combination of these three things (shape, metal sheet, quality and thickness of the resistive material) that enables DAADs to behave both as a fast acoustic trap for the resonant low frequencies and as a diffusing-diffracting device able to transform the energy of early reflections into more delayed reflections, thus enriching the sound with precious diffused sound energy.

DAADs are the first acoustic device capable of “changing” the dimensions of a home listening room, transforming it into a bigger one, with characteristics suitable for audio reproduction. When DAADs are placed in the strategic points of the listening room, they open the soundstage up and, at the same time, give back to music its sense of presence and liveliness.

In order to deal with any acoustic problem of domestic environments, there are three kinds of DAADs: the most voluminous one (DAAD 4) works from 50 Hz.. The medium one (DAAD 3) from 80 Hz.. The small one (DAAD 2) from 120 Hz..

DaaD 2