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“This is almost like magic, so much more detail and so much coherence. It’s hard to get over just how big the difference is with Tuned ARAY.” The Signature Digital Tuned ARAY replaces our Indigo Plus Digital cable. Tuned ARAY technology turns what was already a very highly regarded digital cable into something very special indeed.

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Chord Signature Digital Tuned ARAY digital RCA

Like other cables using Tuned ARAY technology, the Signature Digital Tuned ARAY brings a sense of coherence and performance to the system it’s used in, or rather the music played through it.

Tuned ARAY technology is remarkable, but like any other Chord cables the choice of materials is critical.  Signature Digital Tuned ARAY uses single crystal copper conductors, each one protected with an extremely effective composite shielding system.  Chord ultra low mass silver-plated RCA plugs are fitted (military grade silver-plated BNC plugs are also available) along with Chord precision-machined acrylic plug shrouds.   

Listen to the Signature Digital Tuned ARAY with:  Richard Hawley “Leave Your Body behind You” from the album “Standing at the Sky’s Edge”.

Hear:  A great and powerful slab of sixties influenced psychedelic inspired guitar freak out with a bass and drum player driving a rhythm that’s both clever and powerful.

Listen for:  A guitar player obsessed with tone producing complex and powerful tones from something old and wonderful.

Richard Hawley’s album “Trueloves Gutter” is a brilliant album for anyone interested in finding out what particular guitars sound like.  The man is kind enough to produce sleeve notes that detail in depth the guitars used on each track.  Want to hear the difference between a Parlour guitar and a Jumbo guitar?  Or what a Gretsch Country Gentleman sounds like?  Look no further, it’s full of great songs as well.

The Cable

Chord Signature Digital Tuned ARAY uses high purity single crystal solid core signal and return conductors in Tuned ARAY configuration.  Conductor insulation is gas-foamed polyethylene.  Tuned ARAY conductor assemblies require an extremely precise build.  To achieve the necessary tolerances, each Tuned ARAY assembly is prepared using specialised machinery to cut and prepare the conductors.  Final assembly is carried out by hand.

Shielding:  Signature Digital Tuned ARAY cables employ a dual layer composite shield.  A high-density 95% coverage braided shield is used in conjunction with a semi conductive shield layer.  Soft PVC shield surround provides a high level of mechanical damping, while a hard PVC outer casing protects the cable and prevents changes to the cable’s impedance, caused by compression on the internal shielding and insulation.  

The Plugs

Chord ultra-low mass RCA plugs:  Ultra-low mass silver-plated signal and return contacts, PTFE signal insulation block.  Precision-machined acrylic plug surround reduces mechanical vibration and resonance around plug contact and termination areas.  Non-compression plug and cable assembly minimises direct compression on conductors and avoids performance damaging changes to cable impedance.

The Signature Digital Tuned ARAY is also available fitted with military grade silver-plated 75 Ohm BNC plugs.

Use it with

One of the big deals about Tuned ARAY technology is that its ability to improve performance in a dramatic manner is extremely consistent, almost regardless of the equipment it is used with.  Another thing is just how easy it is to hear and understand the upgrade path.  We haven’t come across a system where Tuned ARAY digital cables don’t make a profound difference.  Whether it’s a streamer or a transport, if you have a reasonable DAC you should be listening to the Signature Digital Tuned ARAY.

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