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This is going to change the way that people listen to digital music, how can a cable make that much difference!” The Sarum Tuned ARAY Digital is the new and radically revised version of the already highly thought of Sarum Digital.

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Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY digital RCA

The new Tuned ARAY conductor configuration lifts the performance to a new level, and yes, detail, dynamics and soundstage are all better. The really big deal though is just how more musical your system is going to sound.  Suddenly everything is easy and enthralling to listen to and whatever you play will draw you into the performance.

The cable used to carry the signal is extraordinarily complex, with micro-polished silver-plated conductors and a very high-density silver-plated spiral shield, the most efficient shielding we have yet used.  The silver-plated plugs are surrounded with Chord’s precision acrylic plug casings.

Every element of an interconnect’s construction is important and Tuned ARAY cables need to be assembled with a forensic degree of precision.  The result of this though is transformational; it’s about digital music, be it CD or streamer, turning into something you can almost reach out and touch.  It’s about your favourite music becoming a performance.  It’s about the CDs you didn’t like to play suddenly sounding approachable and involving instead of hard and compressed.

Listen to the Sarum Digital with:  Anything you want to!

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