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“All optical cables are equal; well not quite. There’s big difference between a cheap optical cable and a Chord Optichord”. Disregard sound quality for a moment and look at the build quality.

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Chord Optichord Tos-link

A high quality polymer signal carrier is protected by a soft PVC surround, and this is then covered with a hard outer jacket to prevent damage to the polymer signal carrier.  The metal-bodied plug is engineered to provide a precise and positive connection, and the cable ends are domed and polished to maximise bandwidth.

What this means is that when compared to a standard optical cable the Optichord brings vibrancy, life and colourto the system it is fitted to, music sounds more alive and detail is better.

There are some very good places to use optical cables; an Optichord would be a very good choice for connecting a computer to a DAC.  The Optichord is available in a minijack to Toslink configuration, making it a great choice for connecting a MAC to your system. This means that the computer is electrically isolated from the hi-fi and this can make a significant difference to sound quality. The Optichord is also a very good choice for connecting set top boxes to systems as well.  Again, the electrical isolation can make a big difference.

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