Chord Odyssey 2

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Cymbals are noticeably more realistic and acoustic guitars and pianos more lifelike; this ability to carry dynamic information so well means that Odyssey produces a remarkably musical and coherent sound.  Good enough in fact to win the Hi-fi News Best Speaker Cable award for five years in a row.

Each set of conductors is made up of 19 strands of silver-plated oxygen free copper surrounded by PTFE insulation.  These are heavier conductors than the ones in Rumour and it’s these that give everything (voices, drums, guitars and acoustic instruments) a certain weight and rightness.

Whatever the system and whatever the speakers, Odyssey is a must try speaker cable.

Listen to Odyssey with: Ryan Adams “Wonder Wall” from the album “Love is Hell”

Hear: A great acoustic version of a classic Oasis song.

Listen for: the little squeaks and squeals that come from playing a guitar with new guitar strings, beautifully bright but just a bit noisy.

Chord Odyssey 2