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“This is amazing, so much more detail but so coherent as well. Who says digital cables can’t make a difference, this is one of the best upgrades I’ve made.”

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Chord Indigo Plus digital RCA

Whilst most hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts are happy to accept the influence that both interconnects and speaker cables can have on the overall sound quality of a system, many people can find the influence that digital cables have much harder to understand.  The common reaction is that since the cable is only carrying a digital signal, it shouldn’t make a difference.

The problem is that they do and the simplest listening test will confirm just how important digital cables are.  
The Indigo Digital is a unique design of digital interconnect.  It is based on the development work carried out on its analogue equivalent.  There are three sets of separately insulated and shielded conductors and these are terminated with Chord Company high performance, hand machined acrylic plug surrounds.  

It is important not to underestimate the effect that termination and choice of plug has on the performance.  Part of the reason for using our acrylic plugs on the Indigo Digital is that it means there is no compression on the separate signal conductors, important enough in analogue cables but crucial when it comes to digital cables.
Really, anyone who is serious about getting the best from their music and needs a digital cable in their system should try this.  Most of our dealers will be happy to let you find out for yourself what the Indigo Digital can do for your system and your music.

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