Chord Epic Reference

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The 12 AWG silver-plated conductors are insulated with PTFE, before a PVC jacket is applied to correctly space the dual layer foil and braid shield.  

In terms of performance, Epic makes a very good case for the use of shielded speaker cables.  Epic Reference moves the performance (and the design) quite a bit closer to Chord’s original award winning shielded speaker cable, Chord Signature.  

Epic Reference carries dynamic information and detail in a very coherent manner.  This makes for extremely realistic sounding music, acoustic and electric instruments sound really lifelike, and the complexity of tone that makes great instruments such a joy to listen to is easy to hear. More though, is the way that Epic Reference helps a system to sound coherent and musical, and that’s a compelling reason that makes Epic Reference a cable worth listening to in any decent system.

Listen to the Epic with: Neil Young “Driftin’ Back” from the album “Psychedelic Pill”.
Hear: There’s a lot more than just noise here, Crazy Horse can still manage a groove that’s both tight and loose better than most.
Listen for:  About three minutes in there is a guitar solo that shows just how complex and beautiful an overdriven guitar tone can be.  Listen for the subtle and sublime touch of a Bigsby tremolo arm, from one of the greatest "feel" guitar players there is.

Chord Epic Reference