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“Great definition and dynamics; rock music rocks like it should and jazz just grooves.”

The Cadenza Reference brings a sense of life and joy to the music played on the system it is connected to.  If the original Cadenza were a band, it would have been a super tight rock’n’roll band, bringing rhythms to life and making the most of dynamics and detail.  The new Cadenza Reference though does all of this, and at the same time brings a level of refinement that renders even complex sounding instruments in a natural and believable manner.

The Cadenza Reference is perhaps the simplest way of understanding or hearing just how much influence the choice of RCA plugs can have on the quality of sound. The original Cadenza brought life and dynamics to any system it was connected to. The Cadenza Reference does all of that, except the new silver-plated Chord VEE 3 RCA plug lifts performance in every area and brings a new level of refinement and coherence. 

This could be the perfect cable with which to revitalise an older system, or an ideal partner for the latest generation of technologically advanced USB equipped CD players and DACs.  We use this a lot with the Audiolab 8200 CD player.

Listen to the Cadenza Reference with: Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” from the album “Ten”.

Hear:  The layers of guitar at the end of the song.

Listen for:  The twelve string bass at the start of the song.

Chord Cadenza RCA