Chord Anthem Reference stereo XLR

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“Detail, definition, dynamics, timbre, plus outstanding coherence. Everything you need to bring music to life.”

The Anthem Reference is a completely new cable design and its ARAY conductor configuration brings outstanding dynamics right through the frequency range, excellent detail and definition and a coherence that allows you to see, understand and engage with whatever musical performance you are listening to. 

The silver-plated conductors are insulated with PTFE, surrounded with an extremely effective dual layer shield and terminated with Neutrik XLR connectors chosen after a lot of listening tests, where we compared most of the available XLR connectors. 

The design of the Anthem Reference with its ARAY conductor set makes for a cable that works exceptionally well when fitted with XLR connectors.  It will carry a signal from any component more accurately.  Almost regardless of the cost of your components, connecting them with Anthem Reference will show you just how important interconnects can be when it comes to enjoying and becoming immersed in and amazed by your favourite albums. 

Listen to the Anthem Reference with:  Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Band “Teach Me To Bear You”.

Hear:  The sound of an electric guitar and an over driven amplifier with a microphone in front of it, and wait right to the end of the song to hear it.

Listen for:  That tone, that wonderful tone.

Chord Anthem Reference stereo XLR