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If you thought Chorus was an eye (and ear) opener, then you really must experience the Anthem range of interconnects. Anthem Reference takes our silver plated, tri-conductor arrangement, featured in Chorus Reference and stretches the boundaries of performance.

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Chord Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY digital RCA

“It is so easy to hear what Tuned ARAY technology does, there’s that same sense of balance between detail and coherence that you get with the bigger cables.”

Tuned ARAY was developed for our flagship Sarum cable range, and once the technique had been successfully applied and the increase in performance so profound, we were left with no choice but to try to apply the same technology to other cables we produced.  Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is a completely new digital interconnect, and a very affordable introduction to Tuned ARAY technology.  

As with other Tuned ARAY cables, the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY brings detail and coherence to the system it is connected to, but it’s the sense of performance and the musical involvement that makes Tuned ARAY cables so special.   

So what do you put a £200.00 digital cable with?  On the face of it, some pretty serious equipment, but that’s missing the point.  Connect a £300.00 streamer to any decent DAC with the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY and get to listen to whatever you choose to stream with a real sense of life and performance.  Or connect your transport and DAC and enjoy your CD collection all over again.
Almost regardless of your equipment, the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is a perfect way of understanding how important Tuned ARAY is when it comes to really getting into the music you love.

Listen to the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY with: “Somebody Help Me” by Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie “Prince” Billy from the album “What the Brothers Sang” (covers of songs sung by the Everly Brothers)

Hear:  Oh so sixties!  And more than that, capturing the innocence of mid-sixties pop music just about perfectly.

Listen for: The harmonies, what a lovely album.

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