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The Jeff Rowland Design Capri is an exceptionally balanced preamplifier. From its sweet and extended treble, through its textured midrange, and down to its pitched, tuneful and deep bass, it delivers a broad and neutral frequency extension. Capri laces authority, dynamics, and transparent resolution with rich harmonics—rarely found in any preamplifier. The stylish Capri is at home in any superior audio reproduction systems, ranging from space efficient setups for modern living areas to sprawling component configurations in large listening environments. Music lovers are choosing Capri over “cost-no-object” preamplifiers, regardless of underlying technology, because this world class preamplifier, created to exacting JRDG standards, delivers years of refined musical enjoyment at a real world price.

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Capri S2


The Capri S2 features an impressive complement of standard input/output interfaces; greatly enhanced flexibility through its optional DAC card or phono option; and the Rowland trademark prismatic platinum faceplate beautifully integrated into a non-resonant chassis milled from a solid block of aluminum.

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With an output impedance of only 80 Ohms balanced and 40 Ohms single ended, Capri S2 drives any amplifier with confidence. Whether serving a single-ended triode amplifier in a vinyl rig, or controlling a quartet of solid-state Rowland M525 monoblocks with a 192 kHz digital source, or at the nexus of a home theater setup, the Capri S2 preamplifier delivers the trademark Rowland musicality, resolution, and consistent authority.


Balanced preamplifier design housed inside a low profile, compact, ultra-low resonance, structurally rigid chassis that is precision-machined from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum that is completely sealed for trouble-free operation and high RF and EMI isolation. Features an elegant front panel precision-machined and sculpted with a diamond tipped cutting tool. 


Jeff Rowland Capri S2 nhập khẩu chính hãng, bảo hành toàn quốc

Low noise, high-current, dual regulated switch- mode auto sensing and auto ranging power supply provides Capri with optimum performance at any world-wide mains operating voltage. 


The astonishing sonic nimbleness and musical performance of Capri is made possible by the same dual TI Burr Brown OPA1632—fully differential high speed I/O audio amplifier modules--used in the core of the Criterion reference preamplifier. These modules feature extreme linearity, super low noise and distortion. As a result, Capri sports the shortest signal path of any Rowland preamplifier ever for an incredible musical experience. 
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Dual low impedance line-level outputs (80 Ohms balanced, 40 Ohms unbalanced), 48 KOhms balanced and unbalanced inputs, and preamp bypass inputs allow unprecedented compatibility with audio and A/V components, while optional high quality phono cards are available for compatibility with vinyl sources. 


Six-function remote control transmitter adjusts volume, input selection, mute, and channel balance. 
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Dual rate volume control allows precision level adjustments over nearly a 100 dB range. The volume control incorporates a permanently noiseless optical encoder that always maintain its tactile feel, accuracy, and channel balance at all settings. The volume can be adjusted from 0dB to 99.5dB from the volume knob on the front panel, as well as from the 6 function remote control. Rapid turns of the volume control adjust the volume by 1.5dB increments. Slow turns of the control allow for very fine adjustments by 0.5dB increments. 


15 Amp female IEC AC power connector. 
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Modest power consumption of mere 6 Watts permits constant power-up operation to eliminate warm-up time and maximize musical performance, and allows Capri to operate enclosed into an entertainment unit.
Overall Gain  14 dB
Gain Range   
Gain Resolution  
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 350 kHz, -3 dB
Maximum Input Level  
Maximum Output Level  
THD + Noise  
Signal-to-Noise Ratio  
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
Channel Separation  
Input Impedance  
Output Impedance  
Inputs 2 pair balanced (XLR)
  2 pair unbalanced (RCA)
  1 pair unbalanced bypass (RCA)
Outputs 1 pair balanced (XLR)
  1 pair unbalanced (RCA)
Power Consumption  
Power Supply  
Preamplifier Weight 9.5 lb / 4.26 kg
Preamplifier Dimensions H/W/D 2.6" x 13.7" x 6.2" 
   67mm x 350mm x 157mm

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