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A 3-inch beryllium diaphragm compression driver mated to a 100° x 60° Bi-Radial® horn delivers high-frequencies with lifelike dynamics and startling realism while an ultra-high frequency 1-inch beryllium diaphragm compression driver with a 60° x 30° Bi-Radial horn recreates critical air and spaciousness. Two 10-inch Aqua-Plas™-coated woofers each with dual 3-inch edge-wound voice coils, Neodymium motor structures and cast aluminum frames add serious punch and depth to the already potent combination of HF and UHF horns to reproduce music and movie soundtracks with the lowest distortion and flattest frequency response possible. The SK2-3300 can be used either as an LCR loudspeaker or as the companion center channel to the Project K2 S9900 or Project Everest DD66000.