Phono cable Phono-Master

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Phono cable Phono-Master

Knowledge gained during research on our reference line of LF products was put to use in the production of our phono cable, the Phono-Master. Our special focus was on the unimpeded, i.e. virtually distortion-free flow of the music signal.

The outer shield used for all our cables strongly dampens the effect of external negative influences. A separate shield further stabilizes and smoothes the flow of energy by preventing electromagnetic interference.

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The Phono-Master is another skillfully crafted high-end product for audiophiles determined to squeeze the last decibel out of their sound system. Yet another example of meticulous workmanship, the Phono-Master represents the practical manifestation of the electrical laws that determine sound properties. According to our customers, the cable's most distinguishing characteristics are emotionality and silky warmth, which lend a special quality to the analog listening experience.