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 Here you can build your own Equinox Hifi Celebration rack combination. All choices already include a serial numbered two shelf base unit, just chose your frame and glass colour, the number and height of extra shelf modules and whether you require standard 6mm glass or the NEW award winning Piano Black ARC glass.


PLEASE NOTE-The Price shown is for a 2 shelf Base unit and two additional single shelf modules giving a total of 4 levels of storage, with standard glass fitted.

1st Collectors Limited Edition.

As the Equinox range goees from strength to strength, winning numerous awards including What Hi-fi Sound & Vision magazine’s “Accessory product of the year” an unprecedented 5 years in a row, the Atacama development team decided to mark this achievement by showcasing the future of Equinox with the all new HI-FI Celebration LE.

With each of the first 500 limited edition two shelf base modules being hand made on new specially commissioned blueprinted assembly frames, every first edition celebration is personally inspected by one of our senior craftsman and serial numbered to prove authenticity.
Available exclusively with a Gloss Black frame (a first for Equinox) and Piano Black glass or if you prefer you can choose one of our usual frame colours with Piano Black glass or Arctic Frost Glass, each Celebration consists of a two shelf base unit and two single shelf modules of either 130mm or 180mm height. Extra shelving is available upon request.

The technical upgrades over the standard Equinox Hi-fi are as follows:


  • New aerospace grade aluminium top and bottom isolation caps.
  • incorporating neoprene A.S.I.S.T. gasket technology to improve dampening.
  • Redesigned top cap interface which dramatically reduces surface area contact between each module by over 90%, thus substantially increasing the isolation of each module.
  • Top and bottom caps are now fastened together (as opposed to press fitted) which aids the rigidity of each unit and raises the weight capacity for each shelf from 20kg to 25kg.
  • The glass-to-frame isolation kits as fitted to the Equinox XL PRO SE are also included with each shelf to improve dampening and aid sonic characteristics further.
  • Each leg is now filled with closed cell polyethylene nomafoam to reduce ringing.


For maximum sound deadening properties, ARC Glass can now be specified. Atacama Resonance Control glass has been developed for Equinox Hifi and Equinox Celebration models is now available as an upgrade. This specially made laminated glass has a dampening core and is over 50% thicker than standard Equinox glass to further improve the performance of the Equinox Hifi range of equipment supports.

Please note that ARC Glass is available exclusively in Piano black colour and will only fit Equinox Hifi and Hifi Celebration models.