Chord Signature & Signature Tuned Aray

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The heavy gauge conductors make for an extremely low resistance cable and this, combined with the insulation and high frequency effective shield produces a cable capable of carrying outstanding levels of detail and dynamic information. 

The conductors are produced from a high purity copper and the insulation material is a gas-foamed polyethylene. The shield is an extremely effective dual layer foil/high density braid design.

Each set of Signature speaker cable is produced to order and although the conductor pairs are separately shielded, the cable is twisted along its length in order to improve flexibility. Each end of the cable is secured with an aluminiumclamp designed to hold the cable securely but not to compress the conductors. 

Signature speaker cable makes listening to music totally involving and almost addictive.

Listen to the Signature with: Steel Pulse “Prediction” from the album “Handsworth Revolution”.

Hear: The flamenco style acoustic guitar in the song intro.

Listen for:  Well just how much can speaker cable influence the rhythm and timing of a piece of music?  Reggae is an easy way to find out.