Chord Chameleon VEE 3 stereo XLR

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“The new conductor layout makes a surprising difference. This performs like it should cost quite a lot more.”

The new conductor configuration in the Chameleon VEE 3 works as well on the XLR version as it does on the RCA cable.  It has a profound effect on just about every aspect of performance that is important to a properly immersive musical experience. 

The multiple sets of silver-plated conductors gives us the opportunity to start applying a little bit of ARAY magic to the Neutrik XLR terminated Chameleon.   The conductors are connected using a special silver solder and highly effective braid and foil shield works effectively to high frequencies.

XLR connections used to be exclusive to high-end components. Increasingly a lot of far less costly equipment has balanced outputs and the Chameleon will show you how much performance you really are getting.  It’s more than you think. 

Listen to the Chameleon VEE 3 XLR with:  Gary Louris “True Blue” from the album “Vagabonds”.

Hear:  The acres of space the musicians give each other and the outstanding pedal steel guitar playing.

Listen for:  When this track works, the Chorus will send shivers down your spine.