Arrakis II

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Rockport Technologies had added a new chapter to the annals of music reproduction history - destined to become the loudspeaker against which all others will be judged, the Arrakis transcends the boundaries of believability. The presentation of the Arrakis is as music itself, delicate yet expressive, raucous and unassailable, while full complex harmonic textures and breathing with life. Vocalists and instruments have a "walk - around" dimensionality and solidity as they are projected onto a lifesized soundstage with a sense of realism that is unmatched by any loudspeaker. The utter command and ease of its presentation is unprecendented, coupled to a full range dynamic supremacy that is undeniable.

Equally arresting visually as it is sonically, the Arrakis' uncluttered contours are as elegant as they are essential. The purposeful lack of cabinet discountinuities ensures a clean wavelaunch, free from destructive diffraction effects, while its advanced composites construction prevents sonic contribution of any kind from its enclosure. At 900 pounds per channels, the cabinet is always at rest and presents, variable section thickness, carbon fiber composite cone drivers, yielding the lowest resolution floor available from any direct radiator loudspeaker. The enourmous surface area of the drivers, coupled with their pure pistonic behavior enables dynamic contrasts that are alarming in their realism.

The Arrakis comes standard with a unique new feature : musical realism sufficient to make you forget you're listening to a loudspeaker. Every facet of the Arrakis has been designed to produce the most stunningly lifelike, natural presentation obtainable from a loudspeaker, and every opportunity has been seized to creat a working masterpiece where its distinctive form is truly born of matchless function. Never before has one loudspeaker so seamlessly combined such contradictory elements as huge dynamic range and scale with intimacy and incomparable resolution - all without a vestige of compromise. For those looking for the definitive loudspeaker, your search has just ended.