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The Spendor A6R is a major revision of the highly acclaimed A6. The new Spendor 18cm main drive unit features technology developed for the D7 high resolution speaker. This drive unit together with an all new crossover design utilising upgraded components extends both the low and high frequency range.

The large section linear flow reflex design reduces air velocity and port turbulence giving linear and unrestricted low frequency response. The high quality terminals and short signal path, gold crossover network are combined into a monobloc assembly anchored directly to the cabinet structure.

For the new A6R, Spendor claims “a dramatic uplift in dynamics, resolution and low-frequency extension”. This small-to-medium size box sports a new mid/bass driver that uses the company’s latest EP77 ‘engineering polymer’ cone, new surround and suspension materials. These are said to improve low-level linearity and mechanical stability. To go with this is a re-engineered crossover, devoid of series-attenuating resistors to minimise thermal modulation distortion. It also gets precision-wound high-linearity tapped inductors. At 4kHz, the new crossover begins feeding the same 29mm wide-surround tweeter with a bi-elliptical acoustic lens, which is said to give smooth extended high-frequency response.

The Spendor A6R ultra rigid cabinet with Spendor's dynamic damping system gives super fast response, whilst high linearity components, silver plated cables and Spendors machined stabiliser system all contribute to the class leading performance.

Electrically, the Spendors A6R prove to be a very benign load; quoted sensitivity isn’t earth shattering at 88dB, but a lowish power solid-state or tube amp will still drive them to decent levels in a largish room. And sitting just a few inches away from a rear wall with a subtle few-degree toe-in, they sound like they’ve been made for my listening room and Creek Destiny integrated amplifier. Very few of the 120W per channel are needed to get decent sound levels, and when more are deployed the Spendors take it like old pros.